Yoga at School, yoga at work


Yoga Workshops & Additional Programming

Yoga for the Workplace

A comprehensive introduction to yoga, in which staff are taught the basic yoga poses, introduction to meditation, and breathing techniques in a non-competitive environment. Offering classes at your workplace makes yoga accessible and convenient, inspiring loyalty even among staff members who don't take advantage of the classes. Workshops provide a strong foundation on how to implement yoga into ones daily life, and can greatly benefit interactions at work. In addition to the many physical benefits Yoga and meditation has been proven to increase concentration, motivation, and creativity, benefiting the individual as well as the organization.

Yoga and Conflict Resolution

A workshop combining an overview of the physical and mental practices of Yoga, with proven techniques of conflict resolution. Groups will be taught both yoga poses and pranayama (stress reduction breathing techniques) as well as techniques for active listening, and need-based communication.  Combined, these practices provide a strong basis for managing stress and communicating more effectively in order to resolve conflict in the work-place as well as in ones personal life.

Yoga and Team Building/Communication

An overview of the physical and mental practices of Yoga combined with a communication and team building workshop.  An understanding of yoga will help to bring awareness to the mind and body connection, while a detailed assessment  and discussion of  preferred working styles provides an understanding of how participants can draw on their natural strengths to improve their contribution to the team.  By providing each individual with a clear picture of their preferred communication style and how the various styles interact, colleagues obtain a deeper understanding and appreciation of how to work effectively together. 

Yoga in the Classroom

This workshop instructs teachers on how to use pranayama (breathing techniques) and stretches to reduce stress levels in the classroom throughout the day.  Teachers are provided with lesson plans and materials to instruct basic yoga techniques to the children they serve in their classroom.   

Yoga for Children

In this unique class, children explore the physical and mental practices of yoga.  They will “play yoga” while learning correct alignment and then sequencing the postures in Sun Salutations.    Conscious breathing is introduced as a method to focus the mind and feel peaceful as children are introduced to the concept and practice of meditation. Using yoga games, music, and conversation, children learn how to access the tools and resources within themselves to be healthy, happy, and at peace. 

Family Yoga 

This upbeat class uses music and parent/child partnering to explore elements of yoga. Participants practice yoga in an accepting and stress-free environment. Children and parents learn animal poses and play games while receiving all the traditional benefits of yoga. Focus is placed on relaxation, flexibility and strengthening the body. This class leaves parents and children feeling focused, calm, and happy.

Teen Yoga

In this workshop, students learn the basis of Yoga in an accepting and stress-free environment.  The class is centered on relaxation, flexibility and strengthening the body.  Participants will be encouraged to focus inward and trust their bodies during class.  Students will learn breathing exercises, yoga asana and general tools for everyday relaxation.  The class aims to build confidence and self-esteem through yoga.  Traditional yoga is combined with music and modern day practicality to make the class enjoyable for teens.

** A parent/teen class is also available in which we add elements of partnering and trust building.  Teens and parents work together to build strength and flexibility, while having fun together.  Elements of Raja yoga (yoga philosophy)  are also incorporated, allowing for teens and their parents to discuss a variety of topics in an open and safe environment.

Chair Yoga

This class is centered on the 5 points of Hatha Yoga: Exercise, Breathing, Relaxation, Diet, and positive thinking.  Throughout this gentle workshop, issues most relevant to aging adults are considered as participants practice yogic exercises while seated in chairs. Participants learn techniques for relaxation.  In addition, they are taught useful tools to strengthen muscles, increase balance, and improve flexibility.