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Restorative Yoga For Necks, Wrists, & Shoulders

Marcy Tropin

Restorative Yoga For Necks, Wrists, & Shoulders

“How can I use yoga to release my tight neck, wrists, and shoulders?”

Our necks, shoulders, and wrists need a rest!! Everyday tasks, including using devices, carrying bags, and typing, are repetitive and load-bearing. Active stretches help, but let’s try taking the tightness and strain away with passive stretching. In Restorative Yoga we use long-held supportive poses so the body can open gently and deeply. It's a mushier way to interact with physical pain and restriction. All poses will be taught supine, lying on a mat, using yoga props to foster proper alignment and deep release. We will focus from the finger tips through the neck, muscles, and joints, with love and comfort.

All Practitioners Welcome!!

Teach your body when to be active and when to relax to increase performance, reduce stress, and heal.

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