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Kids! Family! Baby! Prenatal! Postnatal! For all your family yoga needs, Harlem Yoga Studio has you swaddled.

Kids Yoga Partner Pose
Harlem Yoga Studio is committed to being a space where the whole family can thrive! We are thrilled to offer essential tools to help young yogis during each of the various stages of development.

Through structured play we explore self control, physical expression, and compassion towards self and others.

Prenatal Yoga

Harlem Yoga Studio’s prenatal yoga classes create a warm and safe environment for New York City Moms to find community and take an active role in enjoying pregnancy and preparing for childbirth. Prenatal yoga teaches Yoga poses, breath-work, and other movements to help alleviate common discomforts of Pregnancy (such as swollen feet, back pain and varicose veins ) while preparing the muscles and organs needed for labor and delivery. Classes incorporate soothing, relaxing breath-work and meditation, giving you space to connect deeply with your innate wisdom to nurture your baby. In addition to physical poses, you will learn a variety of coping techniques for managing stress and improving sleep, and tools to help prepare you mentally for labor and delivery. Our goal at Harlem Yoga is to build community and make you feel welcome, well cared for, and confident. Our prenatal classes are appropriate for women at all stages of pregnancy - no previous yoga experience is necessary. Even if you have never practiced yoga before you will feel refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. Join us in person or online.

Prenatal Yoga Class Community

Pre, Post & Little Peeps Classes

Baby and Me Postnatal Class. Mom stretching with her baby in front of her

Pre &

Our Pre & Postnatal class is a unique practice that welcomes folks at any stage of their pregnancy or postpartum period. We offer options that are safe and effective both for preparing the body for birth and restoring and nourishing both body and mind after. Poses will help strengthen core muscles, tone the back and pelvic floor, and release shoulder and chest tension will be incorporated throughout the class, as well as evidence-based mindfulness techniques to manage and reduce stress. For those who are pregnant, teachers will include movements designed to alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy (such as swollen feet, back pain, and varicose veins) and to strengthen the muscles and organs needed for labor and delivery. Dialog is encouraged so that participants can connect and offer support to one another; sharing wisdom about the process of pregnancy and birth, as well as the physical and emotional joys and challenges of being a new parent.

Want to bring kids yoga to your school?

Harlem Yoga studio offers on-site classes for students, educators, and parents. Programs are designed to expand New York City schools’ capacity to provide mental health support and enhance student wellness. Classes are tailored to each school's specific needs and budget.

Kids Yoga

Harlem Yoga studio offers classes for children both at our Studio, and in Schools throughout the city as well as training and support for Educators. 

Our classes provide kids with a fun, relaxed, and developmentally appropriate way to gain strength, flexibility and balance, feel and appreciate their breath, and establish a conscious connection between their bodies and their minds. We use games, songs, traditional and non-traditional yoga poses, and mindfulness practices to help kids feel comfortable and confident in their bodies.

Little Yogis practicing a partner pose at Harlem Yoga

Helpful FAQs:

What do I need to bring?

Yoga Mats are provided for all prenatal, postnatal and kids classes. Feel free to bring your own of course. For Postnatal “Baby & Me” classes we recommend bringing a swaddling blanket to lie on top of our blankets.

What if I'm running late?

We understand that traveling with kids and babies is unpredictable so if you are running late, please just knock on the door if it is closed!

What if I've never practiced yoga before, can I still come to a Prenatal class?

No Yoga experience of any kind is required to come to a Prenatal Yoga class.  While we will work on stretching and strengthening the whole body, our classes are designed to be safe for any stage of pregnancy and fitness level. You will learn Yoga Postures as well as self massage and breathing techniques that are helpful for relieving potential discomforts of pregnancy and supporting labor and delivery.  In addition, Prenatal classes are a space for the community to gather and discuss any concerns about pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care. There will be ample opportunity in each class to ask questions of Senior Teachers Nyoto and Ellyn, and share with one other.

Can my Partner join me?

Yes, they are welcome and encouraged to join! Partners will learn important information on how to best support you both throughout pregnancy, during labor and delivery. Postnatal classes are designed to be a safe and sacred space for new Moms and babies at what is often a joyous but vulnerable time, and as such we ask anyone joining the class to respect the intimacy of the experience. To attend, all partners will need to purchase their own class or package.

Are Baby & Me classes geared toward the adult or baby? 

Baby and Me Postpartum classes are geared toward new Moms, and there are multiple opportunities to engage and connect with the babies as well. In class we will focus on strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominal core post-delivery, releasing tension in the neck and shoulders, restabilizing and releasing the hips, stretching the whole body, and relaxing deeply. There will be ample time to ask questions, and share what is going on both physically, as well as with your new baby. At any point during class you are welcome to change or feed your baby, and the room will be a safe space to participate to whatever extent you (or your baby!) feel ready!

Class is geared towards families with infants through crawlers, however older/ more mobile babies are welcome to attend as long as caregiver
can ensure the baby is safe.

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