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Happy Pride From Harlem Yoga Studio

June is Pride month, and we are excited to once again have Pride as our theme and celebrate and advocate for the LGBTQ community.  Celebrating pride is a powerful assertion of self-worth and dignity for folks who identify as LGBTQ, and it serves as a vital platform for challenging ongoing discrimination.  In Yoga, we turn our attention inward focusing on our own bodies, breath, and mind. But the understanding and appreciation of our internal connections is far more powerful than just individual clarity; this exploration ultimately helps us to see the integral interconnection of all beings.  Over time the practice helps make clear how connected we are, and how our individual wellbeing is tied to the well-being of all living things. The Rainbow - a symbol of Pride - is a beautiful reminder of this connection. As we celebrate Pride this month,  we aim to accept and appreciate our uniqueness, to see that value and sanctity in others, and to do what we can to ensure all beingseverywhere, are happy, peaceful, and free from s


Erica & Laurel 

Harlem Yoga Studio Pride Design Available In-Studio or at

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